Payroll Integration for Accurate Employee Compensation

Our intelligent rostering software empowers you to automate shifts, ensure full compliance and create rosters in minutes. This efficient solution saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on things that matter.

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Fast and Hassle-Free Payroll Processing

Easily export timesheets with just one click using Cerely’s Payroll Integration. Our platform seamlessly exports timesheets directly to your payroll system, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient pay run every time.
Cerely’s integrated payroll system saves you time and prevents errors by automatically calculating gross wages based on industry awards or workplace agreements. Say goodbye to manual timesheet breakdowns and enjoy accurate wage calculations.
Cerely automatically matches payroll items in your payroll software, simplifying wage cost management and tracking. Enjoy easy and efficient payroll processing with our reliable platform.
Eliminate costly data entry errors by exporting Cerely’s timesheet and wage data to your existing payroll system. Our seamless integration ensures accurate and hassle-free payroll processing, saving you time and money.

HR Compliance is a MUST

Ensuring that your employees are being paid correctly provides peace of mind and ensures compliance with HR regulations. With Cerely’s payroll module, pay categories are automatically updated each time an employee is assigned to a different role with a higher classification level. Enjoy hassle-free payroll management with our dependable platform.

Two-click Payroll

Save time and ensure accurate payroll processing with Cerely’s two-click payroll integrations. Approved timesheets are automatically uploaded from Cerely to your payroll system, simplifying pay run processing. Enjoy fast and efficient payroll management with our reliable platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, cerely will generate all employee’s payroll information from pay categories, total hours, and allowance to be imported into your preferred accounting software ready to be processed.