Intelligent Patrol Management Software for Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Performance

Enhance Client Satisfaction and Operational Oversight with Cerely: Track security patrols in real-time using GPS and QR Code-enabled technology. Empower managers with detailed patrol reports for data-driven decision-making.

Payroll Management

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Enhance Operational Transparency and Client Confidence with Cerely’s Patrol Management Software

Implement a proof-of-service approach by having guards scan designated checkpoints, providing real-time verification of completed tasks. Cerely’s innovative checkpoint scanning technology improves operational transparency and client confidence.

Customise checkpoints to align with customer priorities and site-specific requirements. Utilising QR code checkpoints to facilitate efficient monitoring and reporting. Checkpoints can be set up to record incidents, display messages, open report forms, or trigger incident alerts for immediate action and comprehensive security management. Cerely empowers security teams to address site-specific needs and ensure you meet clients’ explanations proactively.

Shifting from the challenge of misconceptions about security cost to Value-Adding Service with Cerely’s Patrol Management Module.¬†

Collaborate with clients to identify critical areas, tailor guard patrols, and establish strategic checkpoints for maximum value delivery. Customise actions at each checkpoint, from adding specific instructions to ensuring comprehensive task lists at each site location.

Harness Cerely’s live dashboard allows instant visibility into field activities, identifying issues with your service or patrols early. This enables managers to stay on top of security guards’ performance. Utilising GPS and QR checkpoints for real-time tracking, our dashboard enhances transparency and accountability in guard patrols and operations.

Increase Accountability

Increase Accountability

Patrolling management using QR-code scanning increases accountability and helps ensure services are being delivered.

Maximise Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

Automate Workforce Management with a Comprehensive Patrol Tracking System

Increase Client Satisfaction

Increase Client Satisfaction

 Improve Security Guard Performance with Cerely patrol management for client satisfaction.

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