Incident Reporting that provides Better Business Intelligence for security operations

Effortlessly manage security incidents with Cerely’s intuitive reporting tools tailored for accurate and efficient reporting. Customise form templates and link them to predefined incident severity levels and incident types.

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Discover the power of advanced incident reporting

Our innovative digital platform goes beyond traditional reporting by transforming raw data into actionable business intelligence. Easily customise report templates to align with your security environment and client needs.

Create custom reports that align perfectly with your company’s objectives and site requirements. Get the insights you need efficiently and effectively with Cerely’s customisable reporting solutions.

Client Live Data

Stay connected and informed about what’s happening at client sites with Cerely’s real-time reports. From general overviews to incident details and standard security logs, you will never lose visibility of what is happening. By aligning client expectations with actual service delivery, Cerely empowers you to meet and exceed client needs confidently.

Cerely’s flexible incident reporting system enables precise data capture to drive strategic enhancements in your security operations based on real-time analytics, providing deeper insights into incident locations and areas requiring operational adjustments. This comprehensive customisation empowers informed decision-making and facilitates targeted improvements to optimise security strategies effectively.

Customize Reporting

Customise report templates

Design unique reporting forms tailored to your company or site-specific needs.

Customise Report Categories

Customise report categories

 Create incident categories to categorise reported issues for accurate incident tracking.

Incident severity

Specify emergency levels to prioritise incidents based on severity and urgency.

Report Branding

Custom report branding

Customise reports to align with your company’s branding style

Export Report

Export report your way

Export reports based on your specific requirements and preferences

Incident Analytics

Incident analytics

Operational intelligence collecting, analysing, and utilising data to enhance operational awareness and decision-making

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