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With our intelligent rostering software, you can automate shift allocation, ensure full compliance, and create rosters in minutes. Cerely’s efficient solution saves you valuable time, enabling you to prioritise what truly matters.

Rostering and Attendance

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Discover the easy way to manage security guard’s rosters with our advanced software. Manage schedules without conflicts to increase staff performance and strengthen your industry reputation.

Our system automatically filters guards based on shift requirements, considering availability and matching skill sets, certificates, and training needed for specific customer sites. This ensures you choose the right security officer for the job.

Cerely simplifies roster creation and publication, making assigning the right person to the right place at the right time effortless.

Rostering Payroll and Invoicing

With Cerely’s available shift feature, respond swiftly to last-minute shift requests from clients or unexpected absences. Instantly fill open shifts by publishing them to employees, allowing the first-come, first-served approach for shift selection.

This efficient process eliminates wasted time on manual calls to find available staff, ensuring shifts are filled promptly and seamlessly.

Experience a streamlined rostering process with Cerely’s rounding roster feature, eliminating the need for manually copying and pasting rosters and preventing shift time inconsistencies.

With Cerely, you can add shifts up to 12 months in advance and assign staff to shifts up to 3 months within seconds, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate scheduling without errors.

Improve Security Workforce Performance with Enhanced Overtime Management
Ensure efficient scheduling and avoid costly overtime with Cerely’s overtime prevention feature. Set rules and get live alerts to distribute shifts, enhancing staff satisfaction and retention while controlling overtime costs evenly.

Manage fatigue & Overtime

Prevent employee fatigue by setting limits on daily and weekly working hours or set custom limits. Our platform allows you to set up overtime alerts to limit unnecessary overtime, ensuring your employees stay productive and healthy.

Customise Pay Rates

Customise pay rates

Automatically calculate employee wages, overtime, penalty rates, and loadings for each shift. Our platform provides customised wage calculations based on the relevant industry award or workplace agreements (EBA). This ensures accurate costings for every shift.

Monitor attendance & breaks

Employees can clock on and off directly from their smartphones. Missed or unscheduled breaks are also flagged so you can proactively manage unexpected compliance risks.

No Show Alert

No Shows Alerts

Our Shift Attendance module provides peace of mind by confirming whether rostered employees are on time or late for their shifts through real-time notifications. This feature ensures that your staff is on-site for their scheduled shifts, helping them to meet client expectations.

Leave Management

With our intelligent leave management system, employees can request time off using their mobile app, enabling a hassle-free experience. Efficient scheduling is made possible by using insights into staff availability and approved time off while planning.

Employee Replacement

Employee Replacement

With just one tap, easily find replacements for employees who call in sick or drop a shift. No need for phone calls – simply select a replacement and publish the update

Intelligent Rostering

Experience seamless timekeeping with Cerely’s effortless timesheet recording and Processing feature. As staff clock in and out of their shifts, our platform automatically generates digital timesheets for each individual, eliminating the need for manual data entry. With Cerely, approving timesheets becomes faster, easier, and more effective, allowing you to allocate your time and resources where they matter most.

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