Effortless Timesheet Recording and Processing with Cerely

Say goodbye to manual timesheet processing. Our solution guarantees accurate timesheets for every shift, simplifying the time-tracking process and ensuring HR compliance.

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Reliable and Effortless Time Tracking Software
Time and Attendance TImesheet

See who’s working and where in real-time from anywhere. Intelligent dashboards keep you informed and allow managers to focus their attention on what’s important.

Real Time Visibility
Say goodbye to paperwork errors

Eliminate the risk of time and wage theft by monitoring employee engagement, preventing productivity decline, and avoiding legal penalties.

Staff Record

Staff or Contractors Record their hours by mobile App

Say goodbye to messy paper timesheets and allow employees to clock in and out of work easily with Cerely’s mobile app, which results in precise digital timesheets.

Verify Timesheets

Verify Timesheets for Accurate Record Keeping

Ensure timesheet accuracy by verifying staff attendance with GPS location stamps technology. This feature verifies that employees are at the correct location at the right time, reducing errors and improving accountability.

Streamlined Timesheet Approval

Save time and reduce admin time with Cerely’s easy-to-use software. Managers can quickly approve timesheets, either individually or in bulk. And with just two taps, you can export timesheets to your payroll software.

Easily track employee hours and monitor attendance to stay on top of your staff working hours.

Gain increased visibility and control over your workforce with our real-time attendance tracking and action-driven alerts. Our solution includes the latest time capture technology to ensure accuracy and prevent time and wage theft. Stay on top of your operations with real-time insights and alerts to respond promptly to any changes.

Save time and reduce administrative tasks by connecting Cerely’s timesheet with your payroll software. With just a few clicks, you can link your employee pay categories and export accurate timesheets.

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