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Access Contact Information, Communication, and issues history with Cerely CRM to Better understand your customers’ Needs.

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Better understand your customers

With centralised customer data and improved insights,  gain deeper insights into each customer’s journey with integrated billing, marketing and customer success tools.

Cerely CRM unifies your team to excel in customer experience. Access contact info, communication history, and sales data to better understand needs and deliver exceptional service. Stay organised with tasks and meeting reminders, ensuring no call or meeting is missed.

Exceptional Experience

As your business grows, so will your customer base. It becomes essential to have a system that can scale with your customers’ demands while maintaining the same level of attention to all your customers. Cerely CRM’s automation tools allow you to streamline your workflow, ensuring that your operations team can spend less time on data entry and more time running your business.

Work Smarter, Get Effective Results

Cerely CRM software provides everything you need to run your operations in one powerful yet easy-to-use system.

Cerely Contact


Easily add all client contacts into Cerely CRM for centralised data access. This ensures every manager stays up to date about their clients or site contacts, facilitating streamlined collaboration and efficiency.

Email Integration

Email Integration

Automatically capture all emails to and from your contacts within our CRM. Syncing unlimited email, see all interactions between your teams and your contacts. We integrate with Microsoft Outlook 365 and Gmail.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Create tasks for meetings or phone call reminders. See all of your tasks grouped by day or week to stay on top of customer service. Once completed, tasks are recorded in the activity’s timeline, preserving a comprehensive historical record of the account.

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