HR & Compliance solution for Security Companies

Ensure your security team operates with the highest standards of compliance and efficiency. Our HR & Compliance solutions offer advanced tools to monitor, track, and manage your staff and contractors, ensuring adherence to all regulatory requirements.

HR and Compliance

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Leverage Advanced Tracking and HR Management for Efficiency and Compliance

Maintain the highest compliance standards with Cerely’s advanced tracking capabilities and intuitive HR management tools.

Quickly visualise all employee certificates, licenses, and inductions to see who has expiring documents in one central dashboard. This helps you stay on top of compliance and minimise risks.

Compliance Rules

Our HR Compliance feature offers flexible rules to determine which employees are compliant or non-compliant based on a role or client’s site requirements. You can add as many compliance rules as needed for each role or client requirement, giving you the flexibility to ensure your business stays compliant with regulations.

Easily upload attachments of employee certifications, licenses or inductions directly to their files, ensuring their documents are readily accessible and organised in one place. No more searching through shared drives or email attachments.

Upload Employee Certificate
Ensure Compliance

Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

Reduce the risk of heavy fines by ensuring that all staff licenses, certifications, and training are current and current. Cerely’s HR Compliance software provides warnings to prevent staff from being rostered to a site with out-of-date certificates or incorrect licenses, helping to mitigate risk.

Expiration Reminder

Automated Expiry Reminder (Coming Soon)

Cerely makes keeping track of employee and contractor documents with expiration dates easy, ensuring that no document gets overlooked. Automatic notifications and email alerts are sent to employees and contractors, making it easier to stay compliant and up-to-date.

Staff Documents

Maintain Staff Documents

Upload employment contracts, personal details, and other relevant files to one central location to keep all employee documents and important information. This will ensure an accurate record of your employees’ details and employment history.

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