Administration Suite for Enhanced Security Operations

With Cerely’s Administration Suite, efficiently allocate security resources and manage risk. Optimise operations effortlessly, preempt issues with real-time data and maintain meticulous oversight. Enhance your security operations with our comprehensive software solution.

Administration Suite

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Efficiently Manage Resources with Cerely's Administration Suite

Mitigate risks preemptively, and gain invaluable insights for strategic decision-making with Cerely’s administration suite.

Managing security guard rosters effectively requires the right personnel to be assigned to the appropriate sites with the correct compliance at all times. Cerely offers a live overview of guard shifts, providing a centralised platform to organise operations seamlessly. Easily track staff availability, monitor hours worked, and match officers to sites based on their skills and qualifications, making rostering faster and more effective.

In the dynamic security industry, responding to last-minute changes is essential. Cerely’s detailed schedule data and built-in reactionary tools enable quick adaptation to shift exceptions and unforeseen interruptions. Cerely automates these processes to save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual rescheduling efforts, ensuring continuity and reliability in your security operations.

Rostering Payroll and Invoicing

Ensure error-free payroll and invoicing with Cerely’s payroll & Invoicing Modules. Pay staff accurately and on time, considering overtime rules, different pay rates, and allowances. Ensure employee satisfaction with compliant, accurate, and timely payroll processing.

With Cerely’s Integrated invoicing solution, security companies can seamlessly ensure accurate billing based on staff working hours. Break down service activities by type and hours to demonstrate effective delivery. Customise billing rates for various security guard roles and set invoicing cycles according to company terms or customer preferences for transparent and timely billing. This streamlined process enhances operational efficiency, service tracking, and client satisfaction with error-free invoicing.

Stay compliant and minimise risks with Cerely’s comprehensive HR and compliance solutions. Simplify regulatory adherence, track security licences and certifications, and manage employee records efficiently. Proactively mitigate risks with automated alerts and customisable workflows. Ensure workforce compliance and operational integrity with Cerely’s advanced HR and compliance module.

HR and Compliance, Empowering Your Team with Confidence

Save time and Cost with Cerely's Administration Suite

Cerely’s Administration Suite offers an efficient solution for security companies to reduce the number of systems they use for more effective business operations.

Save Cost with Cerely's Administration Suite

From easily rostering shifts to optimising resource allocation and reducing administrative overhead, Cerely streamlines the entire process.

From operations to service, payroll, and invoicing – saving time and enhancing productivity. 

Gain insights into your security business performance with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, empowering data-driven decision-making. 

Experience the future of security company management with Cerely’s innovative Administration Suite.

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