Field Operations Suite: Gain real-time visibility into guards' locations

Cerely field operations suite is designed to eliminate guesswork and manual tasks from managing security staff. Track guard movements, monitor their locations on a map, and receive real-time incident reports—all while sitting at your desk. Efficiently oversee and monitor staff working in the field.

Field Operation

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Optimise Security Operations with Cerely's Field Operations Suite

Real-time guard tracking, incident reporting, and patrol monitoring, improving security operations to ensure the service is delivered according to the company’s or client’s explanations.

Utilise GPS tracking for real-time location updates on a dynamic map, ensuring security guards are on-site. Geofencing guarantees accurate clock-ins, enforcing protocols and designated patrol routes. Receive instant email notifications for timely intervention in attendance issues, maintaining operational continuity and security protocol adherence.

Real Time Staff Monitoring

Equip security guards with Cerely’s Field Operations Suite for efficient site monitoring. Utilise QR code checkpoints for streamlined patrol routes and detailed instructions. Communicate directly via email messaging for quick updates, enhancing responsiveness. Cerely’s comprehensive tools optimise patrol workflows, improving communication and site security. Simplify operations and empower guards with Cerely’s innovative suite for enhanced efficiency and confidence in security operations.

Ready to streamline your security operations and enhance guard efficiency?

Enhance site patrol efficiency and communication with Cerely’s Field Operations Suite. Streamline site monitoring, establish QR code checkpoints, and communicate directly with guards for seamless operations. Take charge of your security management—get started with Cerely today!

Customised Security Incident Reporting

Use our standard incident reports or create customised incident report templates that align with your company’s or client’s specific needs when collecting data for reports. From incident categories to severity levels, Cerely’s templates ensure consistency and relevance in reporting, saving you time and effort.

Gain actionable insights from Cerely’s analytics dashboard. Based on real-time data, identify high-risk areas, track incident trends, and make strategic improvements to your security operations.

Cerely’s customisable incident reporting is more than just data collection—it’s a powerful feature for enhancing operational efficiency and strengthening security measures.

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