Streamline Your Security Company's Invoicing Process

Cerely offers a seamless solution to streamline your invoicing process and alleviate the burden of manually calculating guard hours to ensure accurate billing.


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Create Invoices In Minutes, Not Hours
Cerely Invoicing

Creating accurate invoices is as simple as approving timesheets. Our software automatically generates invoices based on your employees’ hours worked, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring you get paid for all hours worked. With Cerely, you can save time and eliminate the hassle of manual invoicing.

Cerely standardises the invoicing process based on agreed charge rates and actual operational data captured from timesheets. Automate the collection and processing of billing data by utilising customisable price tiers for hourly rates or fixed costs, along with preferred payment terms and methods defined by your company payment terms.

Set up recurring billing invoices and charge your customers automatically, saving you time and effort.

Simplify Your Invoicing Process and meet customer specifications effortlessly with Cerely

Managing invoices manually can be challenging. Cerely automates this process, accurately calculating guard hours and ensuring invoices match the hours worked.

Brand Your Invoices

Brand your invoices

Personalise invoices with our templates, projecting a professional image. Choose different designs and add your logo for brand coherence

Email Invoices

Print and email invoices with ease

Quickly create duplicates of your invoices, print them out, or email them to your clients for quicker payment.

Financial Details

Financial Details

Text: Maximise revenue by accurately invoicing for every minute staff worked. Stay on top of invoicing status to ensure timely payments.

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