Empower your field workforce with our mobile app

Keep your field team members in the know with our mobile app. Field team members can access their roster on the go, request leave, clock in and out of shifts, and much more.

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Streamlined mobile rostering for your workforce in the field

Manage your employees better with Cerely’s employee scheduling app. Quickly create and send out rosters to your staff and allow them to easily accept or reject shifts while viewing all necessary shift details. With the Cerely app, your employees are better coordinated and have a higher rate of shift attendance.

Advanced time tracking and reporting featuress

Our mobile time clock app accurately tracks employee attendance and work hours, making creating and managing timesheets easy.
Easily monitor staff attendance with live updates on Cerely’s time clock app. Get real-time alerts on who is running late and who is on shift, allowing you to manage staff coverage more efficiently to ensure you have coverage.

Achieve clear communication across your organization.

In a fast-paced work environment where shift schedules are always subject to change, it’s crucial to have a system that keeps staff up-to-date with the latest roster updates. With our system, you can easily publish updated rosters for staff to be notified to view and confirm their shift, ensuring everyone is up to date with shift changes.
Ensure your staff receive important shift notes or documents with Cerely’s employee shift note tool. Don’t let critical information slip through the cracks. Share essential documentation such as site SOPs or position information with ease.
If certain sites or roles require a special uniform or PPE for the job, you can set up uniform requirements to inform your staff of the uniform, or PPE needed for the job they are rostered for.

Simplified management of employee leave and availability

Eliminate the need for the constant back-and-forth with managers regarding leave and availability with our employee scheduling app. Staff members can conveniently view their time off request, and submit unavailability for approval through the app.
Once employees submit their leave requests, managers can review them for approval or decline them. Employees will automatically receive notifications on their mobile app once a leave request has been approved or declined.
Offer additional shift opportunities to your staff. Send available shifts to those looking to pick up extra hours or to cover shifts where staff are unavailable. Staff can easily review the available shifts and accept or reject them directly from the app.

Send shift reminders

Set shift reminders for your team with Cerely’s employee scheduling app. Employees can receive multiple alerts and notifications to remind them of their upcoming shifts, reducing the likelihood of missed shifts.

If an employee informs you that they cannot work a shift, you can quickly alert all available staff with just one click notifying employees of an available shift. This feature saves you hours of making phone calls and helps you find a replacement and fill the shift easily.