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In the competitive landscape of field service industries such as security, cleaning, and labour hire, providing exceptional customer service is not just a bonus –

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As a security manager, you understand the need to secure new clients so the business can continuously grow. An effective way to do this is

Over the years, the Fair Work Act 2009 has ruled over employee relationships in Australian private workplaces. This piece of legislation has set the minimum

Are you a security manager struggling to retain guards? You’re not alone! Security guard retention is one of the biggest challenges facing managers in the

It is important for all service businesses to have a unique selling position pitch when talking to potential customers. With the security industry market being

As a manager in the security industry, you’re likely always looking for ways to optimise your time and work more efficiently. One way to do

As security officers, we are often asked to work long hours. But is this necessary? And what are the consequences of working too many hours?