How to ensure your security guards are staying busy

As a manager of security professionals, chances are you’ve asked yourself more than once how to keep your security guards engaged and proactive on the job. With budgets often tight these days, it’s important to make sure that the resources you have available—in this case, the manpower of your security team—are utilised as efficiently as possible. What can you do to ensure that they’re staying busy? Here’s our guide to ensuring your officers don’t lose focus during their shifts on duty.

Steps to ensuring security guards are doing their job


Having a strong security team is an important part of any successful business. Having well-trained and reliable security personnel on site can help provide peace of mind and reduce potential business risks. 

  1. Establish clear job expectations and responsibilities: 

    Clearly define the duties and responsibilities of security guards and provide written instructions for each task. Ensure that the guards understand their role and are trained to perform their duties effectively.

  2. Regular supervision and monitoring: 

    Supervise security guards on a regular basis to ensure that they are carrying out their duties in a professional manner. Use monitoring tools such as cameras, checklists, and spot-checks to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.

  3. Performance evaluations: 

    Regularly evaluate the performance of security guards and provide constructive feedback. Use a formal evaluation process that includes both objective and subjective criteria, and provides opportunities for guards to improve their performance.

  4. Incident reporting and investigation: 

    Encourage security guards to report any incidents or concerns to management, and establish a process for investigating and resolving any incidents. Keep a record of incidents and use this information to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

  5. Ongoing training and development: 

    Provide ongoing training and development opportunities for security guards to help them stay up-to-date on industry best practices and to develop new skills. This will help to maintain high standards of performance and ensure that guards are equipped to handle a wide range of security-related issues.

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Benefits of ensuring guards stay busy at work

Ensuring guards stay busy at work is essential for providing effective security services to clients. A well-trained, engaged and proactive security team is critical for maintaining a safe and secure environment. 

Here are five benefits of ensuring guards stay busy at work, which will be beneficial for both the clients and the security company.

  1. Reduce Incidents 

    Keeping guards busy at work helps to prevent incidents from occurring. A guard who is proactive, alert, and focused is less likely to miss security threats. When guards have a clear understanding of their duties and are kept busy with tasks, they are able to respond quickly and effectively to any security incidents that may occur.

  2. Improve the overall Security 

    When guards are busy at work, they are able to perform their duties to a higher standard. This leads to an overall improvement in the security of the location they are responsible for. This can include monitoring the surrounding areas, performing regular security checks, and responding to security incidents in a timely manner.

  3. Quicker Response Times 

    Guards who are kept busy are more likely to respond quickly and efficiently to security incidents. This can help to minimise the impact of a security breach and prevent further damage from occurring. Quicker response times can also help to ensure that clients feel safe and secure, knowing that their security needs are being met.

  4. Reduced Costs 

    When guards are kept busy, they are less likely to become complacent and are better equipped to identify and respond to security threats. This can reduce the need for additional security personnel, saving the security company money on staffing costs.

  5. Improved Morale 

    Keeping guards busy at work can help to improve their morale and sense of purpose. A guard who is engaged and involved in their work is more likely to feel valued and appreciated, leading to a higher level of job satisfaction. Improved morale can also lead to increased motivation and commitment to providing quality security services to clients.

Ensuring guards stay busy at work is essential for providing effective security services to clients. By reducing incidents, improving security, quickening response times, reducing costs, and improving morale, both the clients and the security company benefit. By keeping guards busy, they are better equipped to provide the highest level of security and customer service.

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