Helpful Tips for First Time Managers

Being a manager in a security company is not very different from doing management work in any other organisation. You will have to be on top of everything that’s going on with your team, making sure that they are performing well, achieving their goals, and have the resources they need for the task. The main difference lies in the nature of your people’s work — you don’t get to interact with them personally for the most part, especially since they are not expected in the office all day. 

If it is your first time to become a manager in a security firm, chances are that you may find the work interesting and daunting at the same time. Below are a few tips that you will find useful as a manager in the security industry. 

Communicate effectively.
Strong communication is the building block of an effective team. In the security industry, this is key to keeping employees engaged; otherwise, security guards who work away from the office will end up feeling little to no connection with the company. The main hurdle to effective communication is the fact that guards spend little time in the office. You can circumvent this by setting clear goals and creating relevant key performance indicators to keep track of their progress. 

Employ some tech wizardry.
Security managers do more than simply manage their teams all day. Their job involves plenty of administrative work, including managing incident and hazard reports, checking reimbursement forms, and applying for time offs, paid or otherwise. This means a lot of paperwork, and all that paper is going to land on your desk. Make your work easier using software applications that streamline your workflow, simplify reports and communications, and efficiently track your employees’ time. 

Ask for assistance
Managers who are handling a full plate can ask for assistance, especially for administrative tasks. They can seek help from other team members to accomplish more in less time. Managers can also check out systems to help them manage their tasks better,

Delegate certain tasks.
It is common for first-time managers to micromanage everything. Coordinate with relevant senior security staff that is rostered to the same client’s site so they can seamlessly work with other members of the security team. You should also communicate with other department heads within your office so they’d be able to better handle employee concerns that you may not be able to address on your own. If you have some resources to spare, expanding your administrative staff will also do wonders for your productivity. Remember, though, that delegating tasks is not a fire-and-forget affair; make sure that you check in regularly to make sure there is smooth coordination across the board. 

Be open to feedback.
Keep an ear open to feedback from your team, and take note of the comments they have on your managerial performance. It will also be useful if you hold regular feedback sessions that gauge your effectiveness and take suggestions that can improve the workflow, organisation, and work environment, among others. 

Reward good performance.
There will always be employees that end up exceeding expectations, and you will want to send them something more than a thank you note. Publicly acknowledge their contribution and add a sweet reward on top of your gratitude. It can be a day of paid time off, gift card, monetary bonuses, or simply a fun after-hours party that will encourage others to also do well at work.

There are unique considerations when managing a security company. The learning curve is not steep, but there are plenty of things that you may have to get used to — following the tips above is a good start.

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