How Can You Use Employee Availability to Improve Your Scheduling Process?

The first step is to know your security employees’ availability. This will help you roster your workforce on days when most casual workers are unavailable. Some of these days are on Public holidays and other special occasions. This can also be achieved by offering flexibility in their schedule. This helps improve both employee retention and productivity.

In this article, we will discuss important points about how employee availability helps Improve a security company’s scheduling process.

Employee Availability Explained

Employee availability is a system that works within the work schedule. The purpose is for security employees to input and provide details of their availability to the manager. With this system, managers can roster staff based on employee availability and the client’s needs.

There are many ways to record employee availability. The first one is the manual method. This requires the employee to complete an availability form and submit it to the manager. This can also be recorded using a scheduling tool, which makes the process quicker and simplified.

How Can This Be Achieved?

One study shows that 87% of employees on an hourly rate find that it is very important to have full control over their work schedules.

Utilising employee availability opens an opportunity for them to pick the schedules that fits their personal preference. Your security officers will be more engaged with their roles if they have more control over their shifts.

What Are The Benefits?

Better Schedule Control

This offers real-time processing capabilities to managers that allow fast and efficient decision-making. It also helps streamline your security company’s rostering process. If sudden changes in the schedule are required, managers can easily adapt.

Minimises Scheduling Conflicts

Obviously, having conflicts in the workplace or anywhere isn’t healthy. One of the main roots of misunderstandings is conflicts in scheduling. Errors in rostering can be costly for security companies. This is why it’s important to keep track of employee availability.

Improves Time Management

Security companies invest in scheduling tools because the majority operate in real-time. Employee availability is received instantly. This capability saves security companies a huge amount of time.


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