How to Train and Support Managers

Managers are an integral part of any security company. They are instrumental in helping their organisation achieve its goals, providing the necessary ground-level leadership that directs resources, processes, and employees towards achieving key objectives. To this end, they map out plans, set goals, and efficiently allocate limited company resources in support of the company’s grand strategy. 

However, this does not mean that managers will have to do things on their own and make do with the resources allotted to their teams. Neither does this mean that security companies are expected to hire managers that are already up for the task. After all, the security industry has a unique work environment that managers of all skill levels will first have to adapt to. That said, read on as we will tackle how you, as a security company owner or executive, can provide the necessary training and support that will help your managers excel in their job and always be at their best.

Five Strategies to Support and Train Managers

Provide Mentorship

As a leader, you have at least gone through the experience of handling managerial work, or you may even be a manager yourself. You can use your knowledge and experience to develop a mentorship program that will train new managers in the role, and seasoned ones so they would fit into the security industry. You can also take on the part of a personal coach that managers can turn to for advice, while regularly imparting the best managerial practices.

Develop Soft Skills

Building up a successful manager will mean investing in their soft skills. In particular, they need to be trained to be better communicators, team leaders, decision-makers, delegators, and goal-setters. Developing these skills is a challenge on its own and may require you to guide individual managers.

Train Servant Leaders

Servant leadership is understanding the needs of the company and empathizing with the employees in your charge. This is a useful quality that should be nurtured and inculcated among managers. Developing active listening skills and emotional intelligence is key to building true servant leaders that understand the employees and balance their needs with those of the company.

Fill In Knowledge Gaps

New managers will need training that will familiarise them with your company’s processes, goals, messaging, business model, and even finances. It will also help that you orient them on the fundamentals of human resources management. This should help them develop a foundational understanding of various considerations that will affect their work. 

Upskill Your Managers

Not all managers have the same capabilities, but all of them can definitely benefit from regular upskilling sessions. Such meetings or seminars are a great way to deliver engagement and help them connect with each other while giving them a forum where they can share their knowledge with their colleagues.

Why Should You Train and Support Your Managers?

It is never unwise to invest in training and support for your managers. Consider the following reasons:

  • Better managers mean a better organisation. Managers are the folks who get things done in any company, so any productive investment in them is bound to have a positive impact on your company.
  • Training and support build confidence. According to Grovo, 98% of managers believe that training is key to employee morale and retention, while 87% of them wish they had received training when they were given the position.
  • Low-quality managers lead to employee turnover. As per a recent survey by SHRM, 58% of employees who have quit their job have their managers to blame. This can be easily avoided by preparing managers for the role.

Managers are the folks that drive the company toward growth. As such, it is important for leaders to give them all the support they need. This includes training that will not only keep them in good figurative shape but also bring out their full potential.

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