Hiring Process: What to look for in a security officer?

Finding the most suitable applicants for a specific position can be challenging, as you have to assess every applicant by presenting themselves during the interview and their past experiences. As the hiring manager, you must identify your company’s needs and specify the job posts to ensure that you get the best people for the job.

In this case, you are looking for the most fitting security officer for your company. Employing the right ones can help deter criminal activity at the workplace, keep everyone feeling safe and secure, and improve customer service. But, what should you look for to find the most suitable people to hire as security guards? Flip through this blog post and find out the answers. 

Recommendations from previous employers

Doing an interview is a good way to get an idea of a candidate’s character. You can put them on the spot with tough questions to see how they react and the type of answer they will give. If they pass the interview, it would be best to require them to look for recommendation letters from past employers to verify if the candidate parted ways with the company on good terms and get testimonials about their work ethic and behaviour.

Can the candidate react properly to pressure?

Security officers should have a high level of intuition and can easily detect danger. You want a security officer who can stop a problem before it starts and not someone who will take action when something is already happening. 

Security officers should also be able to ask the right questions to unfamiliar and suspicious-looking characters around the vicinity. The questions will not only prevent danger from arising but avoid discrimination as well. 

How can he/she de-escalate a situation?

While many action movies provide the idea that security guards have outstanding combat skills and can taser anyone imposing danger or chaos around the area immediately, the skills you should look into are how they can de-escalate tight situations. 

During the interview, you can ask the applicants about their winning de-escalation experiences or, if none, provide them with a challenging situation and ask how they can deal with it without using unnecessary force. Note that some cases can lead to irreparable damage to your company, so you must assess each applicant appropriately. 

Is the candidate in prime physical form

Being physically fit should be a standard when hiring a security officer. You cannot expect someone to dominate the situation if they do not command respect, and this is essential during critical incidents such as crime, medical emergencies, and other situations that may cause disorder. 

Can he/she create reports in a timely manner?

Security officers are expected to do a lot of paperwork, the bulk of which is composed of reports. These reports can be anything from daily routines to incident notifications to event preparations. In any case, it is essential for a security officer to be able to write comprehensive reports, describing everything concisely without getting lost in detail or glossing over some minute but significant bits. 

Being a security officer is a job that should not be taken lightly. If you are hiring one, be sure that they have the ability to handle any situation and are capable of dealing with administrative matters outside of security work.


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