Can security companies collaborate with one another?

Australia has a fast-growing security industry. Its revenue is expected to grow by 9.23% annually, so it’s not unrealistic to expect great competition within this sector. As security companies vie for lucrative contracts, one can’t help but ask: can these companies ever work together? We will detail the answer to this question in this article, so be sure to read on.

Is it possible for security companies to work together?

The short answer is yes, security companies in Australia can collaborate with one another. Contrary to what a wild mind might expect, the country’s security industry is not a cutthroat dog-eat-dog world. There are plenty of areas for collaboration, which include the following:

Public safety. Keeping their workplaces and everyone in it safe is the common mandate of every security company. As such, during major events such as festivals and concerts – in situations where a security company is in a contract with a business that is having an festival or a concert, the security company that has the contract with the event organizer might need the assistance of 1 or 2 security companies to help the company with the number of security personnel required for the event. This is done on a subcontracting basis where other security companies will provide a number of security officers/guards to the primary security company to ensure the required number of security personnel are provided to the event for the safety of the public and the event.

How can security companies have a smooth workflow?

Different security companies may have varying protocols when it comes to handling their client’s security. As such, it may be difficult for them to collaborate smoothly with their peers. That is not saying that it is entirely impossible for two security firms to work smoothly and closely together, though. Here are some great ways to ensure seamless collaboration:

  • Proper communications. When security companies communicate clearly with each other, it won’t be hard for them to understand each other’s protocols and work seamlessly with each other. It will also help them establish boundaries and collaborative courses of action during specific situations.
  • Healthy intel sharing. It’s not good to keep your partner in the dark, and the same rings true with security companies that have to collaborate with each other. A good dose of intelligence will need to be shared when these firms have to work together, but it has to be done in a way that does not compromise the security of their respective clients.
  • Use a comprehensive workforce management solution. Investing in workforce management software like Cerely is not a bad idea when security companies need to collaborate. It is a one-stop shop that allows seamless rostering and personnel management, ensuring the collaboration goes smoothly.

Security companies can definitely work together. Having a single goal is key here, but it is just the first step. Communication and having the right tools are always necessary for seamless collaboration.

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