Why Do Security Companies Need to Review Their Current Technology

There are a lot of issues that the manned security sectors in Australia are facing right now. Being stretched thin due to staff shortages, needing to meet many State to State requirements… There are a lot of problems, and it seems like there is no easy solution. 

Problems with outdated technology for security companies 

Here are some problems that many security companies may run into due to failing to review their current technology. 

Misallocation of resources

This is a big potential issue for many security companies, and it might not even be noted down as an important issue. However, resource management is very important for the manned security industry. 

Many problems come with improper management and allocation of resources and security workers: inefficient or incorrect time and roster tracking, late pays and lost data, and more. 

A refreshed technology infrastructure can help fix misallocations of resources by making it easier for companies to manage their staff, schedules, pay sheets, and more. 

Loss of profit

Lacking the proper software to manage security personnel can mean inefficiencies and mistakes. These can add up to profit loss. For example, if your security company accidentally over- or understaffs a client’s site, this can be a huge issue. A literal security problem, leading to lost contracts and, thus, a worse reputation and less profit. 

With the help of attendance and supervision software, a security company can make the most out of its staff and stay ahead of the competition.  

Potential security risks 

If the technology is outdated and data is lost, inaccessible, or not acted upon, security breaches or risks might occur without the security company noticing or acting quickly enough. Operational risks can hit a security company more heavily than other kinds of companies. 

Better technology to support a security company can make the difference between a successful contract and a disaster. 

Technological threats and advancements in 2022 

COVID-19 has resulted in tons of companies going remote (some thriving, others struggling). It has also expedited a sort of technological boom, with many innovative software and programs being introduced… as well as new potential risks and problems.

It has also led to a need for every company, not just security ones, to need to do a refresh of their technology infrastructure. Better tech has been created due to the quick advancements in recent years, so it is more important than ever for security companies to review their current technology.

So, outdated technology is a big problem. Outdated doesn’t necessarily mean bad or dysfunctional–it just means that there are upgrades that could greatly boost company performance and productivity. 

What if I told you that there actually is a solution that could help your security company in more than one way? A quasi-magical solution to meeting the many needs of a manned security company in Australia? 

Introducing: Cerely


Cerely is an innovative, all-inclusive management software, developed specifically with security companies in mind. Its CRM (customer relationship management) software can manage all of your providers, clients, rostering, time and attendance, leave management, and several other key functions. 

For your convenience, Cerely has all these things you will need for your security company in one easy-to-use system. For security companies, rostering and attendance are incredibly important. Cerely helps you roster, manage and pay your staff using the one system. 

Who can Cerely help? 


Cerely is able to adapt and help many different sizes and types of security companies. Large and small-scale businesses in the security sector can benefit from Cerely’s software. Any company that is seeking to streamline their processes can do so with Cerely’s CRM. 

What can Cerely’s CRM software do for your security company?


By getting help from Cerely, a security company can greatly upgrade their current technology. Issues like being short-staffed or poor shift readiness can be managed through Cerely’s one simple system. 

Typically, a CRM is understood to be software that helps a company manage customers and prospects. Cerely specifically works to help meet the needs of the Australian security industry, which has many complexities. 

Cerely can help provide a security company with 100% transparency. All personnel info can be monitored through the Cerely system. This includes both employees and contractors, so it is an incredibly easy and speedy way to check over necessary information. 

Cerely offers a reliable mobile app to enable access to crucial information. Employees can sign in and out, record leave and attendance, and make important shift notes all through Cerely’s mobile platform. This efficiency and reliability can be crucial for a security company’s success. 


There is also plenty of other information that Cerely can help a security company manage and track in one location. Cerely provides the company with up-to-date reporting of invoices, timesheets, rostering, shift data, licenses, site information, and much more. 

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