Victorian Anti Wage Theft Law – Effective from 1st July 2021

As of July 01, 2021, the Victorian government had effectively implemented the Victorian Wage Theft Act(2020), as part of the existing Australian Wage Theft Law.

A wage theft law exists to ensure that dishonest conduct by employers to their employees when it comes to their labor entitlements is a criminal offence with no exceptions.

When we say wage theft, we are referring to the offences in which:

  • Employer underpays their employees (paying below agreed rate/below minimum rate as stated in the law, not paying you for training sessions, team meetings, opening/closing business hours, and for working unreasonable shifts)
  • Employer withholds entitlements that employees have a right to as an employee under the labor law
  • Employer falsified employee entitlements for personal financial gain
  • Employer doesn’t keep entitlement records for personal financial gain

As a response to the Victorian wage theft Act(2020), Cerely, a workforce management software company, aims to use its innovative workforce management system to provide solutions to businesses by incorporating all the features needed to manage an entire business while abiding by the newly introduced wage theft law.

With Celery’s convenient workforce management system, businesses will be able to steer clear from miscalculations of wages. Of all the features the software provides, each one can be used with the other to ensure employee hours, rates and entitlements are calculated and implemented correctly.

Out of the 8 features, those that will really help in preventing wage theft are:

1. Rostering which allows you to;

  • Reduce the time you spend on preparing your rosters per week by 70% with the Shift Pattern Automation platform.
  • Set a limit on employees’ work hours so they won’t suffer due to fatigue, while also keeping your costs in check without forfeiting too much overtime pay.
  • Give your employees the chance to send in leave requests using their mobile app, allowing you to have real-time updates on your team’s availability.
  • See in real-time with cerely’s dashboard whenever an employee comes in late or doesn’t sign in to their shift or has clocked out late or early.
  • Receive real-time alerts to management and staff when someone has not clocked on to their rostered shift, meaning your operations team can quickly assign someone else to cover.

2. Payroll Integration allows you to;

  • Instantly calculate wages from your employees’ timesheet information.
  • Simply export the information you need and the system will do the calculations for you.
  • Be assured that all your employees are compensated accurately in accordance with HR laws. Cerely automatically adjusts your employees’ pay rates as they are assigned to a different role with a different pay classification.

3. Time and Attendance allows you to;

  • Prevent wage miscalculations due to staff movement or changes in requirements. Cerely calculates overtime, penalty rates, costs for you, keeping your company compliant to local laws and workforce regulations.

4. Leave Management allows you to;

  • Create and implement leave processes with a click of a few buttons.
  • Know who’s available to work any shift at a glance.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or a large organisation with over 2000 employees, Cerely helps you improve the way you manage your client requirements and daily operations by offering all the features you need in one simple and effective cloud-based system that lets you access information no matter where you are in the world. Plus, it saves you from wage theft too.

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