Train Your Security Workforce with New Technology

Technology plays a significant role in this fast-paced world. As the needs of humans evolved, it gave birth to inventions and technological development that improved the quality of life of humankind.

Even as technological advancement soared, the need for security guards in businesses never changed. It has remained and will still be a necessity for every institution that needs protection. However, security guards need more than just certifications, training, and strength. They also need to be savvy with technology designed to make their job more efficient and safer.

Any business’ security workforce is its first line of defence against theft, trespassing, and attacks. Therefore, it is only fitting to equip security guards with the best tools that can make them more effective in their function. Security guards must not only be armed with physical prowess – they must also be proficient with technology that can make their job safer and easier.

Security Management Software For Security Businesses

Running a security business is a complex matter. Managing a workforce scattered in different locations is challenging. Fortunately, security management software makes the job more manageable and improves the team’s productivity and efficiency.

A CRM and rostering software is a security management tool that every security company must invest in. It is an all-in-one platform that performs security rostering, invoicing, keeping customer records, leave management, payroll, and time and attendance management.

Of course, security managers will be at the forefront of this technology. Without them, the benefits of any management software will be futile. Even if the workforce will be using the technology to its full capacity, it’s still up to the security manager to make use of the data and information that is presented to them.

Security managers are responsible for the planning, implementation, and monitoring of security policies and procedures. In addition, the manager is responsible for ensuring that there is enough manpower, each shift is covered, and each guard is paid correctly and promptly. These can be achieved by using CRM and rostering software for security businesses.

Security Managers Can Influence Their Teams

As with any change, there will be some form of resistance. The same is true for changes in work procedures. Complacency and comfort are difficult enemies to face. They resist any forms of change, making it hard for the personnel to accept new ways and methods of doing things. This is true for any industry adopting new methods and business models.

There are many reasons why employees may resist new technology. The main barriers to adopting new technology are complexity, cost, and skills. Of course, employees may feel threatened when faced with something that they don’t understand, and a new type of technology can be daunting and overwhelming.

However, for a business to thrive, it must keep up with the pace of the industry. Security managers play a vital role in how the team will perceive the new technology. If the security manager himself is wary and unsure, the feeling will ripple across the whole team.

So how can a security business make it easy for its security manager and workforce to embrace new software and technology? Here are some ways to make the transition easier for everyone involved.

  • Choose easy to use technology with a user-friendly interface. 
  • Invest in reskilling and education.
  • Establish a culture that embraces change and technology.

Support the learning and reskilling of the workforce

Investing in the
reskilling of employees is important, not just in the security industry. Sometimes, employees are hesitant to embrace change and new technology because they fear that they will be replaced. 

Before the workforce can efficiently use the security management software, they must first understand how it will benefit the company, especially them. Security managers must reiterate that no one benefits more from the system than them.

Security management software aids the manager in efficiently doing his job, but it also eliminates manual tasks. Here are some of the benefits that the workforce will get from CRM and rostering software.

  • Correct and timely pay
  • Convenient clocking in and out during shifts
  • Easy application for leaves from a mobile app
  • Real-time distribution of shift and duty details

Once the workforce learns to appreciate these benefits, the company should train them on how to use the software correctly. Again, this ensures that everyone will get the most out of the software.

You Bought a CRM and Rostering Software. Now What?

Implementing new software is not an overnight job, especially for complex applications. When developing a
software implementation and rollout plan, there are many things to consider. Even the planning itself is a complex process but necessary for a successful rollout.

Some things to consider when developing a rollout plan include:

  • What are the existing infrastructure and processes that will be affected?
  • What existing business processes should not be affected by the rollout?
  • What existing challenges will the rollout solve?
  • What is the testing strategy?
  • What training will the team need after the implementation? 

Even with testing in place, it is inevitable to encounter some problems along the way. When setting the timelines and deadlines, every stakeholder must be involved. Of course, the vendor should provide a detailed and documented software implementation plan for accountability. Rollouts can take from a couple of weeks to months, depending on complexity. Communication is key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page and managing expectations.

Once the software is implemented and running, monitoring is still necessary. Insights on how it affects the workflow are essential in identifying any gaps in the process. 

Adopting and implementing new software for a security business takes time. Doing things without thought and hastily can lead to more problems. It pays to plan thoroughly and consider all the factors that can affect the implementation.

Invest in an efficient CRM and Rostering Software today.

Cerely offers an all-in-one security management software, where everything that you need to run your business is in one platform. From payroll, timesheet, invoicing to rostering, it has everything that a security manager needs to run the business and manage the workforce efficiently.

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