How To Market Your Security Business Like a Pro 

As a new or small security company starting out in Australia, you are probably unsure how to establish new clients and obtain security contracts. That is entirely understandable and expected. After all, it will take some time and effort to find out how you can effectively market yourself and incentivise clients to choose your security company. To assist you in the process of finding new clients, the following article will expertly explain the eleven best ways that a new security company can establish new contracts, along with some helpful information on how you should respond to new tender contract opportunities most efficiently and beneficially possible for yourself. 

Here are eleven of the most effective techniques for generating new contracts for yourself as a new security company:

1. SEO Writing

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) refers to a set of techniques that land your businesses site and the content produced at the beginning of search engine results through the strategic use of language and optimises the design of your website.  Essentially, what you want is that when people search for terms such as “security company” or “security services near me”, your company’s name should be one of the first search results they receive, and hence they will be more likely to contact you. To Leverage Search Engine Optimization, your website needs a blog section where you routinely upload new blogs related to the security industry. Initially, you can start by writing one blog every week.

2. Register with Google Maps 

By registering with Google My Business (GMB) or Bing Business, your business and website will appear on all local searches relevant to your company or industry. For instance, if a person searches for “security companies ” on Google maps, they should find your company listed in their search. This is an effective way to generate additional views for your website since many people use Google Maps to search for businesses and services they are interested in acquiring. Also, you can ask your previous or current clients to leave you a good review on your Google Listing as it will provide credibility to your business since many people choose a company with good reviews only. 

3. Social Media 

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or any other platform, social media pages are an absolute must-have for any modern business. They are handy for anyone who wants to run a security company since it is one of the most effective ways to showcase your services or products to the world and give potential clients a way to reach out to you online. You can build your social media profiles organically. You could use these platforms for advertising your security business in front of potential clients for a lot less money than advertising on traditional media forms like newspapers and telemarketing. 

4. Register on Old Marketing Websites

Websites such as the White Pages, the Yellow pages and Business Directories are a great place for you to conduct some marketing for your firm. Registering with these sites will allow you to obtain new clients and boost the value of your website. So, be sure to register your website with at least one of these old marketing sites so that you can reap the benefits of access to new clients. They might not bring you quick results, but they make your business accessible to people who still trust these marketing websites. 

5. Google Advertising 

Google advertising can be relatively expensive for most new businesses, costing anywhere between $20 to over $300 per day. Still, they are also highly effective in providing your business with a powerful means of procuring new clients. Google advertising is also, by far, one of the fastest means by which you can acquire new clients for your website since digital advertising is an easy and effective way to promote your company. Essentially, you will be paying Google to suggest your business listing or website whenever someone searches for a particular keyword like ‘Security companies in NSW’.

6. Use an Invitation Only Approach 

This is an industry-specific approach that many new security companies seem to be making use of these days. It involves clients being responsible for contacting security companies requesting their interest. A security company then demonstrates interest through sending either a Request for Tender(RFT) or a Request For Quote(RFQ) document with the client then providing their final word on the acceptability of the conditions. 

7. Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains a relatively effective marketing technique in the modern age of social media. You essentially send a customised email to a business that you believe would be interested in your services which contains an introduction and proposal for your desired arrangement. If the company is interested in your services, they will respond to you. 

8. Register with Tender Websites 

Registering on a professional Tender website is one of the best ways to demonstrate the legitimacy of your company to the world. There are many such websites, but the most relevant ones for you will be Tender Search, Tender Link and Vender Panel. This is doubly effective if you are registered with your local government’s tender website. 

9. Additional Ways of Advertisement 

In addition to social media pages, you can also take advantage of local business network groups, LinkedIn network groups and industry-specific groups. By becoming a member of such communities, you can promote your business directly to other people who may be interested in it. You could even utilise local cultural communities and groups as a way to promote your business or invest in more traditional forms of advertisement such as the local radio. 

10. Security Sub-Contracting 

By serving as a sub-contractor to an already established security company, you could vastly advance the pace of development of your company by offering them your services. In addition, it will allow you to increase your standing in the industry, obtain valuable contacts and significantly improve your overall chances of survival in the industry. 

11. Tender Responses

A word of advice for you as a young security company: do not accept every single tender opportunity provided to you unless you have vast quantities of resources that you can use to guarantee your safety and ensure that your business is fully able to execute and secure the contract. Many of the most prominent clients you can find, such as universities or shopping centres, will have stringent requirements such as deposit demands before they choose to hire you. 

Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly evaluate the content of each tender document that you receive and make sure that its content is wholly appropriate for your individual needs. In addition, be sure to read the RFQ, RFT and RFI ( Request for Information) documents, especially as they are vital for judging the value of a contract. 

It would help if you only chose tenders to ensure your capabilities match the client’s requirements. In addition, you need to ensure that you are asking questions in the tender forum to clarify any questions in the tender document.

If you are not familiar with responding to tenders, don’t worry, many business owners aren’t; it’s a specialised field. This is when you can outsource this to a professional tender writer.  Hiring a professional writer will cost somewhere from $900 to $3000, depending on how big the tender is. 

Ensure you professionally present the tender, try having a graphic designer design the pages, and you can insert the tender information for a professional presentation. 


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