How important is a rostering software for labour hire companies

Rostering is an essential task in a labour hire company. It organises your workforce and makes sure that everyone reports to their rostered workplace.

Arguably, rostering is also very complicated. Managers in such organisations will have to handle the brunt of the task, half of which involves sorting out employee details, workplace requirements, and ensuring each staff member has the correct licence or certificate. The other half has plenty to do with scheduling employee shifts, planning the relevant schedules, and determining how much all of it will cost.

As you can tell, this is no easy job, and it can be easy to make mistakes. Thankfully, it is no longer necessary to do rostering manually. There are rostering software tools like Cerely that will make life easier for labour hire company managers. Read on, as we will talk about rostering software and how it can benefit companies in the labour hire industry.


What does a rostering software do?

Rostering software automates the rostering process. How does it work, you ask? Typically, it keeps a database of your employees’ details, the relevant compliance rules, and your company’s allocated staffing budget based on wages and charging costs. From here, the software automatically screens employees and assigns them to the right site based on their skills and availability. It then calculates the associated labour costs and collates data that you can use to plan out shifts effectively.

Once everything is set, the software then sends out the roster to individual employees to their mobile app. It lets them better understand their schedule and responsibilities, so they arrive at their assignments on time and without a hitch.

How can labour hire companies benefit from rostering software?

Labour hire companies and similar organisations will find plenty of benefits from a rostering software. Here are just a few great ones that come to mind:

  • It improves efficiency and productivity. Automation frees you and your staff from the work of finding the right people for a particular client and assigning them schedules and responsibilities. It practically lets you allot more of your time and attention to other, equally important tasks.
  • It simplifies time tracking. Labour hire rostering software comes with employee apps that make logging and tracking their time effortless; they no longer need to physically log their time or write reports detailing when they took an emergency break in the loo or the like. All that logged information goes straight to your company’s database that you can view as needed or through automatically generated reports.
  • It reduces costs and saves time. A rostering software practically automates the entire rostering work. As it accurately matches site requirements with the right staff, it helps you avoid the costly mistake of sending out or hiring the wrong people. In this way, it saves you and your clients time and money.

That said, is it worth your while and money to invest in labour hire rostering software? The short answer is yes. As it takes the job of rostering off your hands, it makes you more efficient at work while helping you save time and money. It may cost you, but you certainly can’t put a price on such a significant upgrade.

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