Benefits Of Automated Employee Rostering Brings to Operations and Finance

How often do you find yourself as a manager asking yourself which of your staff are available to fill shifts or who is on leave? Having to think about this recurring question every other week can be a headache and cause you to stress if you don’t find a way to handle it seamlessly.

With the help of innovative minds and newfound technology, it is very much possible to automate most operations within an organisation, including employee rostering. This article aims to tell you about how automated rostering can reap benefits for your business.


 Automated employee rostering makes managing staff a lot easier than manual practises can allow. All you need to do is invest in a reliable system such as Cerely’s and spend some time familiarising yourself with it to reap the most benefits:

  1. Save time, money, and resources

 Considering that time is money, you as a manager wouldn’t want to spend your time counting employees every day. When you automate employee rostering, labour costs are reduced, and you enable yourself enough time to focus on improving your customer experience instead.

Using an employee rostering system can reduce your labour spending by up to 3% and reduce the time you spend managing schedules by 80%.

  1. Delegate tasks with ease

 Managers have the responsibility of delegating tasks to staff within their department or the entire organisation. With the help of an automated rostering system, you will be able to allocate tasks to your staff in the most effective and organised way. Automated rostering takes into consideration important factors such as who takes up the busiest shifts and who’s on time-off, based on the data you input.

  1. Make smarter staff rostering decisions

 It may be hard to accept the fact that a computer can do anything you can and in the most effective way possible. However, it is ultimately good for your business and yourself as a manager with many other tasks to accomplish. Integrating your rostering software with your invoicing allows you to make decisions based on data gathered when it comes to fulfilling customer needs, with the right amount of staff and the right budget.

  1. Decrease employee turnover

 Implementing automated employee rostering guarantees the organisation of staff working times, which is a good thing because employees want to be aware in advance of when they will be working. Being aware of their required availability leaves them happy and less likely to leave out of confusion and frustration. Additionally, we know that happy employees are more likely to give customers amazing service.

  1. Create happier customers

 With the help of an automated rostering system, you get to worry less about internal affairs and focus on giving your customers the best experience. This leaves customers happy that they are being attended to and they will most likely come back for more from you.


 Although some people and businesses deem it unnecessary to invest as much as possible in the latest technology, it has come to a point where it is quite necessary considering that machines and systems can do twice as much as humans can do. Automating your rostering allows staff and managers especially, to eliminate repetitive tasks and automate them, in order to focus on the most important aspect of every business – customer experience.

Implementing a rostering system should help you save more time and have a more efficient workflow. If it’s not saving you over 70% of your time, then it’s probably time to look for a better option.

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