7 things to consider when looking for software to manage your security company

Managing a security company brings a lot of responsibilities to the table. From rostering, to payroll, invoicing, and timesheets. All these are expected to be accomplished efficiently and effectively.

Thankfully, there are plenty of software tools that can create a smooth workflow for Australian security companies. With so many options, though, how should you decide on the tool that you should use? Keep reading, as we will enumerate what you need to look out for in a workforce management software that will help you manage your security company

1. Does your software have features that address your company’s needs?

Your chosen workforce management software should provide solutions that work with your requirements. As such, it will help if you make a list of all of the features that you need to simplify your workload. If it does not have at least 95% of your required features, you might want to start looking to talk with another software company to compare features to address your needs.

2. Is it dedicated to, or can it be adapted to, the security industry?

You can adapt good management software to suit your requirements. It should be one that can work with any niche, the security industry notwithstanding. Better yet, you might want to get a workforce management software designed especially for companies in the Australian security industry, as such is developed with requirements specific to this niche.

3. Can you customise it to suit your business?

Individual businesses have specific needs beyond what their industry calls for. The same is true with security firms, so if you are using a workforce management solution, you should get one that you can practically tailor to your security company. It should be able to smoothly integrate and automate your existing processes.

4. Is it an end-to-end solution to manage your security company?

You don’t want to run your software on unsuitable hardware. As such, having an end-to-end solution is vital if you are looking to avoid costly hiccups. Such a product can also be customised for your business while providing a solution that addresses your needs and takes your preferences into account.

5. Does it help you and your staff save time?

The primary purpose of your management software is to help you and your team save time as you oversee your company’s processes. Its goal is to improve time management and efficiency, thereby allowing you to allocate more focus on more important, non-routine matters. If this is not the case for the software you’re eyeing, it may not be worth your money.

6. Does it save your business money?

A good workforce management software shouldn’t be costly. The benefits and the time it saves you should outweigh the cost. Especially if you can reduce the number of different types of software you are currently using. Why pay for multiple systems when you can have just one customisable software for rostering, CRM, invoicing, payroll, and timesheets and more?

7. Can it contribute to your company’s productivity?

Lastly, your software should take your productivity to the next level. It should not be too difficult to learn and use and end up dragging your output down. Rather, it should be easy to work with and will help you do more in the least possible time.

It does not have to be difficult to find a management solution that is a good fit for your security company and improves your efficiency.
Cerely addresses these requirements to a tee. It is the only CRM and rostering software designed for the security industry, with features designed to address your company’s specific requirements.

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