Enhance Visibility and Control Across Your Security Workforce

Optimise your security operations with Cerely: Simplify workforce management for streamlined time tracking, efficient staff allocation, accurate billing, and seamless payroll processing.
Cerely Security Workforce

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advanced features and Insights

Our advanced features and insights empower security companies to make data-driven decisions, enhance workforce productivity, and ultimately drive positive impacts on the company’s financial performance.

Administrative Tasks

Transform your security business by automating manual tasks. With streamlined workflows, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and client needs. Increase productivity, reduce errors, and enhance overall organisational effectiveness.
Rostering Payroll and Invoicing
Cert Tracking and Employee Management

HR & Compliance

Efficiently track employee and contractor licenses, qualifications, certifications, and overall employee lifecycle management to ensure compliance and operational excellence throughout your security business.

Field Operations

Improve transparency and efficiency of your workforce management system, empowering security businesses to deliver superior service value and actionable insights to clients. Gain real-time oversight of operations, optimise resource allocation, and exceed client expectations with data-driven decision-making.
Proof of Service and Incident Reporting
Incident Reporting Insights and Analytics

Insights and Analytics

Gain actionable insights and analytics from incident reporting to enhance security operations, improve client satisfaction, and reduce costs. Utilise real-time data to optimise resource allocation, mitigate risks, and elevate overall service delivery standards.

Explore innovative solutions for your physical company’s security needs. Uncover tailored approaches to enhance and optimise your operations.

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Crafting the Ideal Work Environment

Experience the advantages of our integrated, centralised, and adaptable security workforce solution, which delivers the following benefits:

Increase Productivity

By streamlining processes and embracing automation, employees can work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Centralised Data management

Reduces time spent searching for information and minimises errors associated with manual record-keeping

Eliminate Errors

Reduce errors and eliminate unnecessary expenses by automating manual tasks.

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