Rostering system so advanced that it can complete your rosters automatically.

Our intelligent rostering software empowers you to automate shifts, ensure full compliance and create rosters in minutes. This efficient solution saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on things that matter.

An efficient rostering platform for matching client needs and employee availability in minutes

Our rostering platform creates rosters that meet clients’ needs and employee availability demands quickly. The platform displays real-time available staff and allows employees to save their preferred workdays, enabling the system to automate the scheduling process.

Australia’s smartest rostering software

Roster staff in minutes

Effortlessly assign the right employee to your client sites based on availability, training, Licences, Certificates and budget.

Share rosters in a click

Streamline your rostering process by sending rosters directly to your team mobile and ensuring they stay updated. You can publish rosters instantly from your desktop and with smart update alerts and reminders, your staff will always be in the know.

Handle last-minute changes

With just one tap, easily find replacements for employees who call in sick or drop a shift. No need for phone calls – simply select a replacement and publish the update.

Roster Patterns automation

Reduce your weekly rostering time by up to 70% with our shift pattern automation. This advanced solution enables the system to handle all rostering tasks, leaving you to fill in only the unassigned shifts.

Manage fatigue & overtime

Prevent employee fatigue by setting limits on daily, and weekly working hours or setup custom limits. Our platform allows you to set up overtime alerts to limit unnecessary overtime, ensuring that your employees stay productive and healthy.

Roster by skillset

Roster employees based on their skills and qualifications. Our platform enables you to track staff skill sets, including qualifications such as first aid, rail safety card or RSA certificate, and match them with your client’s specific requirements. This ensures that you roster the most suitable staff for each shift.

Customise pay rates

Automatically calculate employee wages, overtime, penalty rates, and loadings for each shift. Our platform provides customised wage calculations based on the relevant industry award or workplace agreements (EBA). This ensures accurate costings for every shift.

Cover leave & unavailability

With our intelligent leave management system, employees can request time off using their mobile app, enabling a hassle-free experience. Efficient scheduling is made possible by using insights into staff availability and approved time off while planning.

Monitor attendance & breaks

Employees can clock on and off directly from their smartphones. Missed or unscheduled breaks are also flagged, so you can proactively manage unexpected compliance risks.

Late Clock in or No Shows Alerts

Our Shift Attendance module provides peace of mind by confirming whether rostered employees are on time or late for their shifts through real-time notifications. This feature ensures that your staff is on-site for their scheduled shifts, helping them to meet client expectations.

Time Clock & GPS Tracking

With Cerely’s time clock model, you can keep track of employees who are currently clocked in for their shifts and those who are late or have not shown up for their shifts. This real-time information empowers your operations team to quickly identify any gaps and take prompt action to ensure the shift is covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cerely rostering system is different because it provides an all-in-one solution for workforce management. Unlike traditional rostering methods, Cerely offers a modern, easy-to-use platform that streamlines rostering, time and attendance, leave management and compliance tracking. With Cerely, you can customise and automate your rostering process to save time and reduce errors. You can also track employee attendance, schedule leave, and manage compliance all in one place, giving you complete visibility and control over your workforce
As every organisation has unique needs, it is difficult to provide an exact timeframe for how much time you will save rostering using Cerely Rostering. However, we have found that new customers are able to significantly reduce their time spent rostering, regardless of whether they are transitioning from an older system or a manual process. If you currently use a manual rostering process or manage a large number of shifts, Cerely can help you transition from spending days on scheduling to just a few hours. We would be happy to speak with you to provide a personalised quote that considers your organisation’s specific needs.
Certainly! With Cerely’s Break Planning feature, you can easily schedule, monitor, and track multiple employee breaks during a single shift, including both paid and unpaid breaks.

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Align, collaborate and gain visibility into your business in one workforce management software

Cerely is developed to be a customised solution for your business that specifically addresses your business needs.

Cerely will streamline your business operations, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your team.

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